California and Plantation Shutters: Modern Design

Modern design has a reputation of being a tougher aesthetic theme to match décor with. On this note, it can be quite the task to find the right window treatment for a modern home. But do not worry, there is a solution! California and Plantation shutters work perfectly with almost every type of aesthetic theme and will blend right into the backdrop of a modern room adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.
Allow us to explain how California and Plantation shutters are able to work with the strict modern design principles.

Clean Lines

One of the most, if not THE most, important elements of modern design is the usage of clean and defined lines throughout a space. Crisp stark lines can have a very real effect on the space you are working with and will often give off a modern vibe. These lines are used in combination or in contrast to each other to create tension, drama or even unity within a room; all of which are crucial in modern design.
Fortunately for you, interior California and Plantation shutters are made up of clean linear slats called louvers that add those crisp modern lines to your room. These complement the linear element of modern design perfectly and will match up with the décor of almost any modern room that puts an emphasis on lines.
Whether you want to boldly contrast the surrounding décor with perpendicular lines or opt for a more cohesive feeling using parallel lines, California and Plantation shutters are the perfect solution for the modern look that you seek.

No Clutter

Modern designers tend to try and remove unnecessary elements within a home to increase the perception of space and give homeowners more room. By removing unnecessary clutter, such as the various strings of blinds or even large curtains, a modern feel will emerge from any room. California and Plantation shutters directly appeal to this factor of modern design as they have no unnecessary details or features that distract from the rest of the room. Made out of a frame, louvers and tilt mechanism, California and Plantation shutters are minimalistic while still providing function.
Eclipse Shutters can even be made with an internal gear mechanism that is completely invisible, so they are even sleeker! If you’re interested in this, ask your consultant about geared shutters.

A Blank Slate

“Modern design” can vary drastically from one designer to another, meaning that a window treatment must be flexible and fit varying décor styles. However, this does not matter when you have California and Plantation shutters! The simple neutral color and the clean design of your shutters provide you with a blank slate that will match any decor decisions you may make.

We believes that the timeless design of California and Plantation shutters works with any home décor theme and we encourage you to check if California or Plantation shutters are right for you!

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