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Trisol Wood Shutters Line

100% Canadian hardwood Shutters: Available in 1 ½, 2 ½, 3 ½, inch louvers. Stained or Painted. Woods include: Oak, Pine, Poplar. Painted hardwood shutters can be colour matched to any colour. Tilt rods are typically mounted on the front in the centre but other locations are possible including offset on the rear. Matching frames are also available.

Eclipse Shutters Lines

Eclipse Vinyl California and Plantation shutters

Eclipse UltraSatin Finish

“The new UltraSatin™ finish by Eclipse Shutters uses revolutionary technology that gives the vinyl a look and feel similar to that of a premium painted surface. Eclipse Shutters with the new UltraSatin™ finish bring elegance to any interior with their soft, matte luster. They have 50% less luster than other vinyl shutters.”

Maxxmar Shutters Lines

We feature the full line of shutters from Maxxmar®, including:

  • Summerview™ PolySilk Shutters
  • Tilia™ Wood Shutters
  • San Marco™
  • Cashmere Hardwood Shutters
  • Somerset™ Shutters
  • Supreme Performance Specialty Shutters

Shutter louvre size options

A louvre is a set of angled slats or strips that are fixed or hung in intervals in window shutters and blinds. Louvre sizes differ by blade width and come in 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 inch sizes for vinyl shutters and 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 inch sizes for wood shutters. The wider the louvre is, the greater the space between louvres will be when they’re fully opened. For our vinyl shutters, louvres measuring 3.5 inches provide 56% greater visibility than their smaller 2.5 inch counterpart. Similarly, the 4.5 inch louvres provide a view that’s 108% more clear than the 2.5 inch louvres. The most popular louvre size for vinyl shutters is the medium size 3.5 inch louvre as they provide more light than the traditional looking 2.5 inch blade but also aren’t too big. In contrast, the large 4.5 inch louvre provides maximum light and a modern style that is well suited for bigger windows

Here’re a few images of the different louvre sizes:

Small: 2.5 inches

Windows with the small 2.5 inch louvre blade do not let in as much light like their larger counterparts do. Currently, the popular trend seems to be medium or large louvres that let in lots of light. So unless you’re trying to match some existing louvre sizes or going for a traditional feel, we suggest choosing a larger louvre.

Medium 3.5 inches

The medium 3.5 inch louvre is one of the most popular sizes as it suits most windows both small and large while also letting in plenty of light. Easier to clean than the smaller blades they provide a traditional/modern look.

Large 4.5 inches

Vinyl shutters with the large 4.5 inch louvres are fairly popular as they provide maximum light with an ultra-modern feel that also allows for a great view. They are well suited for larger sized windows and even patio doors.

Tilt Bar Options from Eclipse Shutters

We offer shutters with a Traditional Tilt-Bar or Eclipse’s patented Clearview® option. The traditional design is a classic tilt-bar for opening and closing the shutters which is visible on the front or sides of the shutters. The Clearview option allows for an unobstructed view with a hidden series of connectors that act as a clean looking alternative to tilt bars. They provide an undivided view of the outdoors when fully opened.  Order Clearview to achieve an even greater perspective! Eclipse Shutters also has a geared option for their shutters on top of the existing Tilt-Bar and Clearview Options!

Frame Options from Eclipse:

Options for Special Shaped Windows from Eclipse:

Eclipse offers six frame styles that fit any size and also carry Bi-Fold and By-Pass Track Systems usable on closets, doors and room dividers. Specialty shaped shutters can be custom crafted to fit any window and are the perfect solution for arched windows and other shaped windows. Shapes include Half-circle, Eyebrow, Tunnel, Elliptical, Quarter-circle, Octagon, Hexagon, Full Rake, Half Rake, Symmetrical Angle Top, and Angle Top. All shapes are available with Eclipse’s traditional tilt bar or Clearview® systems.

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