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Shutters Can Lower Your Bills!

When it comes to saving on energy bills, homeowners are always doing what they can to save money and minimize costs. People will even start avoiding the use of air conditioning during hot summer months to keep bills down! While this may save money in the long run, it leaves you and your home feeling humid and uncomfortable.

Keep all of that wonderful cold air inside and stop the sun from warming up your home by choosing the right window coverings. By using any of the various kinds of shutters, cold air can be trapped inside while incoming sunlight is reflected out. You can save hundreds of dollars on energy just by switching your window coverings! California and Plantation shutters work perfectly as you can close the window openings to keep cool air in and reflect warm sunlight out!

The Sun: Heating up your bills.

While the sun is great for outdoor fun, it isn’t so great on our summer energy bills. As sunlight enters through a window and becomes trapped, it warms up the house forcing your air conditioner to work harder and use more energy. After sunlight has shone through a window for even a short period of time, homes can feel noticeably warmer.

It doesn’t take very long to make a house feel like a greenhouse due to incoming sunlight.

You can help to reduce your AC’s load by keeping the sun’s light from entering in the first place. Closed California or Plantation shutters help block the light and their light color will reflect any incoming light back out the window! Controlling hot sunlight is key in both creating a cooler environment and reducing your energy bill.

Fresh Air: Cooling off those bills.

During cooler summer nights, California and Plantation shutters make it normal to turn the AC off altogether! You can open up the windows at night to let cool air into your home without losing any privacy. Just open the louvers of your shutters enough to allow the air to flow but not enough for someone to peek through!

Let the soft breezes in for an AC-free cool.

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