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Understanding the Difference Between Plantation and California Shutters

California & Plantation style shutters refer to the size of the louvers. California style shutters have louvers which are 2 ½” in width. Plantation style shutters have louvers which are 3 ½” in width. Plantation style shutters tend to need larger windows in order to appear proportioned. A plantation shutter in a small window can often look bulky or heavy. California style shutters look good in either large or small windows. A general rule of thumb we use is to maintain one style (Plantation or California) throughout the home. This will keep a consistent look from both the exterior and the interior of the home. Since the space between louvers is larger and the number of louvers less, on Plantation shutters, many clients choose this style to have a better view of the outdoors. And now we also have 4 ½ inch louver size available in the Eclipse line of vinyl shutters. The new louver size allows for even greater visibility.

These photos show progressively larger opening in shutters:



To further understand the differences between louvre sizes, check out our article on “Choosing the Louvre Size that’s Right for You“. 

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