Understanding the Difference Between Wood and Vinyl Shutters

Contemporary vinyl window shutters.

Contemporary vinyl window shutters.

Traditionally, shutters have been made out of wood such as pine, oak, maple and poplar. The wood shutters can be stained or painted in almost any colour to match the interior accents in a home while still maintaining a rustic hand crafted feel.

More recently, vinyl shutters have been gaining more ground as a popular substitute for wood shutters.

Vinyl shutters were introduced in order to combat some of the natural problems that arise from having wood shutters. Wood shutters are affected by moisture and humidity as they are made of natural woods. In contrast to this, vinyl shutters are waterproof and therefore are not affected by moisture or humidity. The finish cannot peel, crack or even chip on vinyl shutters making vinyl the ideal choice in homes with children or pets. It should be noted that vinyl shutters are the best choice for areas often exposed to excess moisture or water. This makes them perfect for bathroom and kitchen windows!

Wood and vinyl shutters can be fitted on a variety of different frames and therefore can be mounted in virtually any window or door. Schedule your own in-home consultation today and we’ll help you pick the type of shutter that’s right for you!

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