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3 Things to Consider When Installing Window Treatments

Window coverings improve lighting, privacy and energy efficiency in your home, all while enhancing the interior and exterior of a room. Getting window coverings? Here are 3 important things to consider when getting window treatments.

Material and Quality of Window Treatments
When it comes to window treatments, the kind of material you choose significantly affect your price.

For instance, our custom blinds, shades, and shutters can be made from vinyl, metal, hardwood, faux wood, bamboo, and even fabric. 

The quality of a window treatment isn’t solely based on the material its made of. The quality is also affected by who has engineered and manufactured the treatments. A set of custom-made blinds made from hardwood that is eco-friendly and hand-crafted by a well known designer, will cost you much more than a mass-produced store bought vinyl blind. Whether or not these differences in price are worth it for you depend on how you plan on using the treatments, the ease or difficulty of fitting window treatments to your unique windows, and how much value you put in your interior decor

Types of Window Treatments We Offer

  • Shutters: Shutters come in a variety of materials, designs, sizes and textures. It is usually very easy to find a shutter that goes well with your room’s decor. All shutters have louvers – flat angled slats operated by a tilt-bar, or gears to block or let in the sun. Options for bar-less shutters are available to allow for unobstructed viewing. To get best results with shutters, have a professional measure the area to be covered so that your shutters can be fitted to properly block out the sun. Shutters are typically not a “do it yourself” product.
  • Blinds: Blinds are another versatile option available. Blinds may come with horizontal slats or vertical slats. Most of them are operated using a pull cord that opens the slats when twisted and opens the entire blind when pulled. When considering which blinds to choose, remember that ones of lower quality usually don’t hold up for as long as professionally made custom fit blinds. Poorly constructed blinds can lead to blind slats twisting, tearing off and even staining. Many actual window treatment companies sell blinds of much higher quality than Box store blinds. A home improvement professional can measure your window and order custom blinds that fit perfectly on your unique window. 
  • Shades: Other types of blinds that do not have slats or louvers are often referred to as shades. The most well known kind of shade is the roll-up shade which rolls up, similar to a scroll. As of late, the Roman shade has become more and more popular. This shade folds up onto itself to open. When choosing fabric for shades, remember that sometimes it is okay for window treatments to be your accent colour rather than the dominant colour of the room!
  • For the “greenest” option, blackout shades are available. These shades sit behind your existing shade to block out the sun’s heat and light from your room, saving on unnecessary cooling and energy costs.

Getting Help from a Professional

Our professional custom window covering installation service can ensure your window treatments are installed properly and without damage to the walls and trim of your home. Moreover, we’ll bring the samples of shutters, blinds and shades to you so that you can order window coverings without ever leaving your home!

Call Shutters Etc at 905-691-4455 (Oakville and nearby), 905-594-0220 (Grimsby and nearby) or fill out our online form on at our website to get in touch.

Happy in-home shopping!

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