Shutters for Patio and Closet Doors

Shutters are diverse and have more applications than just windows. Shutters can be used on patio doors, closets and even to separate living spaces!

Adding shutters to any room, whether it be to closet doors or patio doors, instantly adds a touch of refinement, and completes the custom look of your home.

Shutters can be installed in a variety of instances using 3 different systems. The standard hinge system, the bi-fold track system and the by-pass track system utilize patented technology to provide seamless functionality and sliding for shutters on all doors and spaces!

Bi-Fold Shutter Track System


Standard Hinge System

The standard hinge system is the most commonly used for most windows. It allows the shutters to open and swing from one side. The standard hinge system is perfect for window openings or french doors that have single pane shutters.

Bi-Fold Shutter Track System

The bi-folding shutter track system is used for patio doors and closet doors and features slide-and-fold technology which compacts the closed shutters into the width of a single pane. The bi-fold system can also be used on larger windows allowing the shutters to slide and fold open. Bi-folding shutter systems can accommodate window and door openings from 24″ to 192″ wide and 20″ to 120″ high (Using the Eclipse Bi-Fold Shutter Track system)

By-Pass Track System for Room Divider Shutters

Finally, if you’re interested in using shutters to separate living spaces or divide rooms, the by-pass shutter track system is perfect. The by-pass system allows the panels to slide from left to right providing a simple mechanic to open or separate spaces.
Both the bi-fold and by-pass track systems also come with the deluxe divider rails which can act to move both the louvers and panels!


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